While considering the aesthetics and sustainability of your backyard bike park, landscaping is key. We take pride in making our projects look as nice as possible; however, simple landscape options can take it to the next level without adding much more cost.

The average landscaping upgrades are between 8-25% of the cost of the build, but the possibilities are endless. Common upgrades include spreading bark, river rock, or turf in the infield of the pump track. Other great options are to put some plants in strategic places. For example, if you plant ground cover foliage on the backside of a berm, it will  help with erosion and make the berm look more natural. Planting taller plants or trees on the inside of the berms is always a good idea. They will soften the overall feel and look and soak up water, which will assist the drainage systems that are generally at the bases of berms.

For those who want perfection and don’t mind maintenance, planting sod around the pump track creates a jaw-dropping look. Adding landscaping blends the park with nature and makes any project feel more complete.