Kevin and Kyle met at the age of twelve when they quickly became riding partners.  It wasn't long before building jumps and designing builds became a fun routine.  Their own backyards and the nearby woods were templates for many designs over the years.  From 12 to 20, they honed their riding skills and became expert builders as well.  


Once in their 20's, Kevin and Kyle split to pursue different paths.  Kyle moved to North Carolina to begin his own business in outdoor living construction, while Kevin completed education in business management and graphic design. Shortly after he moved to the west coast to begin his business in trail building.  After years of working independently, Kevin and Kyle decided to combine forces.  Kyle sold his business in North Carolina and moved west.  With their shared passion, Kevin's ProDirt business in place, and Kyle's experience in the construction business, they came together as partners to make a team in ProDirt.    

Their mission is to fulfill their customers' dreams of having their own backyard bike park with almost any budget.  With their revolutionary approach, they build fast to get wheels spinning quicker!  At ProDirt, Kevin and Kyle use proven and founded methods to create the most sustainable and even maintenance-free trails to suit any level of rider.