Wood Features


Aside from the fact that wood features are a blast to ride, they are a common solution to many existing issues or concerns.  Poor soil, swampy areas, stream obstacles and even trucking access can be overcome by using wood as your main material, and this could actually be more cost effective than dirt. 
There are hundreds of wood feature ideas and the list just keeps growing. If you have an existing mountain bike trail that has become mundane, a few simple wood features will help bring it back to life. We are professionals with our features and ramp design and will know exactly what to build and where to build it in any given space.
If you are planning to build a jump line, having wooden take off ramps are an excellent investment. With wood, identical ramps for each jump can be built with specific angles to match the height and gap. This will make every jump predictable so you can comfortably progress without having to worry about the inconsistency of a dirt take off.
We receive many calls from people interested in building temporary bike parks.  In this case, we usually recommend wood because you can always move it without needing heavy machinery. You can fit fun portable features within an area as small as 50 feet, and you will always get the craving to go ride them. 
Coming from a construction background, PRODIRT understands how to build sustainable features that will keep you having fun for years to come.